Padang Padang Beach – one of Bali’s secret beaches

Bali's secret beaches

Padang Padang one of Bali’s secret beaches!

We stumbled on Padang Padang quite by accident.  Padang Padang is one of Bali’s most secret beaches.  Seemingly guarded by the cheeky monkeys in the ‘lookout pavilion’ at the roadside the pathway through the rocks is hidden away from clear view.

Discovering this secret beach was a lovely surprise for our afternoon.

We were on our way to Uluwatu Temple to see the traditional Balinese Kecak Fire Dance on the cliffs of Uluwatu at sunset.  Our driver suggested we walk down to the beach.

Padang Padang Beach

Crossing the road we stepped onto a moss covered stone pavilion where a number of cheeky monkeys darted around on the handrails accepting food and water from tourists and ‘posed lazily’ for photos.

Steep, almost vertical steps led us to a crevice between two huge granite rocks.  Stone steps, chiseled through the rock crevice to lead us downwards some 500 metres below. There was room only for people to pass by the other flattening themselves against the rocks.

We could hear the sounds of the waves gently lapping on the beach so we knew it was close but couldn’t see anything as we were totally surrounded by rocks and dense jungle with no view to what lay below.

As we stepped out of the pathway onto the sand, we were taken aback by the view!

A beautiful secluded little beach with clear blue water and golden sand!

At least a hundred people lay sunbaking or lazing around on the beach, others were bobbing around in the warm tropical water.

Someone clearly had developed a highly lucrative tourism enterprise.

A truly self sufficient cove, hidden away from the rest of the world!  Brightly coloured beach umbrellas, beach chairs, canoes and surfboards available for hire.

Many were enjoying a ‘Bintang’ or a fruit juice or freshly cooked food from the bar!

A splash and a paddle in the beautiful blue tropical waters, the obligatory selfie for our photo album as our proof that we’d mastered the steep decline and we turned around to face our biggest challenge … the return climb back to the top of the cliff!

It’s on our list to visit again and this time we’ll spend the day!

What’s your favourite ‘secret’ beach in Bali?  Care to share?



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