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it’s Time to Live live and enjoy!

It seemed only natural when our ‘Territory Mob’ blog evolved that Trevor and I became ‘Us Mob’.

A ‘Mob’ is an Australian collective reference for a group of kangaroos, however in the Northern Territory, the word ‘mob’ is often used affectionately when grouping people together ie: Alice Springs mob (people from Alice Springs), the Owen mob (the Owen Family) or Territory Mob (we who live in the Northern Territory) and so it goes.

The blog evolved through our interests in travel, my love for sharing our stories and photos of where we’ve been and our interest and excitement about the places we’ve visited.  We’ve both traveled widely and plan to keep exploring wherever that takes us.

Currently we live in Darwin in the Northern Territory in Australia which is often considered ‘the last Australian frontier’ so it’s a buzz sharing things about the Territory that we love most.

We both love the Northern Territory and love exploring and learning about the history behind the places we visit.  There is still plenty of tales to tell about this part of the world and we will try to balance our travels in Australia and other parts of the world.

We’re a couple of corporates who’s kids (all 4 of them) have (finally) left home and now have the time to explore and focus our energies on the things we enjoy most.   We come with a broad range of interests and are passionate about ‘making a difference’ wherever we can.

I look forward to keeping in touch with you.



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