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Devils Marbles AustraliaTerritory Mob – Who are we?


Territory Mob is a fast growing travel blog delivering travel inspiration and ‘everything that is Australia’.

We are ‘baby boomers’ so have ‘been around the block’.  We’re keen to share our fun lifestyle and experiences with the aim to inspire others to take the leap.

Professionals who travel frequently, we create well researched quality content based on our personal travel experiences.

Australian based, we are much like our readers – we travel wherever the opportunity takes us.  We tend to spend our money on the finer things in life, sometimes luxury but never budget or backpacker.  Our website provides inspiration and ideas for creative travelers.

‘Living the dream’ is our
mantra and we figure
life is short – buy the shoes! 

Although reasonably new to the blogging world, we’re experienced travelers and proud that Territory Mob ‘the blog’ has rapidly built a global audience through social media platforms and the blog itself.

Our goal is to create win-win relationships!

Who are our readers?

September 2017 audience

Our readers are people seeking travel inspiration about well known Australian destinations and the remote areas of the Australian outback.

International and domestic travelers, our readers are often looking for a unique holiday.  Like us, they want a degree of comfort and a touch of the finer things in life.  They often tend to spend a little more to experience a unique service or exceptional adventure.

Returning readers of our blog equate to 50% of our traffic, with new posts continuing to generate equally new interest.Gender mix

Predominantly couples, our readers are mostly from the US, Australia and the UK seeking memorable holiday experiences.

Aged in the 45 – 65 years bracket our followers enjoy planning their dream holiday and next ‘get-away’ – generally somewhere they’ve always wanted to visit.

Page Views: 2130+
Facebook fans: 180+
Twitter followers: 2850+

Instagram followers: 1680+
Pinterest monthly views: 3.3 k+
Klout: 59

What can we do for you?

Our readers make travel decisions based on our advice, tips and well researched guides.  Let us help you reach them easily with your product,
brand or message.

Do you represent a destination, a hotel, an activity or Brand you would like to promote to Territory Mob readers?

We will work closely with you to get the word out about your destination, product or service.

Drawing on our extensive business experience in both the corporate and retail sector, we’re able to tailor the right package for you to meet your objectives.

The exposure and influence we provide your brand will ensure that our readers think of you first, when they’re planning their next adventure.

These are just a few examples but if you have something else in mind, please email us to start the discussion.

  • Carefully crafted blog posts including professional photographs
  • Reviews of destinations, accommodation, cooking classes, food tours, other tours, restaurants and tourist attractions
  • Product testing and reviews
  • Engaging social media including mentions and photographs
  • Sponsored content relating to your brand, product or service
  • Advertising on our website – prominent and highly visible
  • Affiliate links for brands which are a good fit for my website
  • Simple and stress-free travel planning

There are many skills and services we offer to brands, tourist bureaus and businesses looking to increase their exposure.

If you feel your product or service is relevant to our readers’ interests please email me at [email protected] for a copy of our latest media kit.



Territory Mob has committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical and social responsibility.  

We hold our reputation in the highest stead and will always be honest and transparent with our readers.  If we have received a product or service as part of an event, promotion, for collaboration we will disclose this within the article and Territory Mob will always retain editorial control for the material we publish.