Tropical Darwin – Top-End

Darwin Sunset

Experience the best climate in Australia!

Darwin is the capital city of the Northern Territory.  Located in the tropical north of Australia, affectionately known as the Top-End, Darwin is easily accessible from all major Australian cities and only a short flight to Bali and Singapore.  NT Darwin

The Top-End enjoys a tropical climate with two distinct seasons – a wet and a dry season each year.

The Wet is when the rains come.

The humidity ‘builds-up’ and the air is hot and humid until the storms come.  Heavy grey clouds, thunder and spectacular lightening displays lead the torrential downpours of the monsoonal rains.

Legend has it that the appearance of the first dragonfly heralds the end of the ‘wet’ and celebrates the incoming ‘dry’ season.  Of course, most of you know that this is a stretch of the truth and that dragonflies are flitting about all year round!

After an exhausting ‘wet’ season, Darwin locals watch for the indicators of oncoming temperate weather and are quick to claim the first sighting of the ‘dry’ season heralders, the dragonflies.

Just a bit of fun we have with our visitors but it’s true, one morning you’ll wake up to the cool weather change and hear us all exclaim ‘the Dry is here’!

The dry season is the weather all Top-Enders live for.

The humidity is gone, the temperatures are mild and the cool ocean breezes create the true tropical living that we all love.

It’s like a ‘dancing in the rain’ moment without the rain!

The Dry season

Beautiful balmy winter days 16 – 30 degrees but too cold to swim for locals!

For visitors, it’s the best time to travel to Darwin and lasts from April/May through to September/October.  Clear blue skies, balmy tropical nights and beautiful warm days.

The Wet season

‘The Wet’ starts somewhere around October/November and is often referred to the ‘build up’ because the weather is so hot and steamy … until the rains break.

Storms over the ‘Top End at this time of year are spectacular!

Once a storm downpour hits, temperatures drop magically with the rain but then the humidity ‘builds up’ again until the next storm event.  Most of Darwin’s rain occurs between January and March and during this time there is a greater risk of cyclones in the area.

My advice is to travel to Darwin during the shoulder seasons especially around April or May.  It’s not too hot, the landscape is lush from the rains, the waterfalls are flowing, the billabongs are full, fishing is great and tourist numbers are lower so off season rates are available.

Like most locals, I enjoy the excitement of the wet season, the downpours are refreshing and lightning storms are spectacular.

It’s the time when the waterfalls are magnificent, wildflowers and water lilies are blooming and the rock pools in Litchfield National Park are warm enough to swim.

Be adventurous, visit Darwin and enjoy our Top End like a local.