Noosa Strade Bianche for retro bikes


Annual retro bike ride through the Sunshine Coast hinterland!

The Noosa Strade Bianche is an annual retro bike ride for steel framed pre ’86 bikes.  The ride winds through the rustic hinterland roads of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

In the spirit of the original ‘Strade Bianche’ in Tuscany, this bike ride emulates many of the elements of the course in Italy with an Australian twist.   As with the original L’Eroica, there are a number of challenging climbs and descents and sectors of ‘strade bianche’ white (unsealed) roads to make life interesting.

Trev goes To Noosa for the Bike-Porn,
I go to shop!

For us, it has become an annual ritual.

In August each year we travel from Darwin in the Northern Territory to participate in this event.

We travel with at least one bike box as extra checked-in luggage flying into Brisbane and we know we’ll be checking in ‘over-weight’ on the way home!

Italian styleTrevor hooked up with this group of bike lovers through his long-standing love of older style road bikes.  He currently has 18 of them in his collection and it is with great deliberation that he chooses his ‘favourite’ to ride each year.

He’s not alone.

Many of the guys and girls have similar collections and travel to participate in the Noosa Strade Bianche each year to show off their favourite bikes, rebuilt with love.

The Noosa Strade Bianche

The weekend starts with a social ‘get together’ pre-registration on Friday night.  Friendships are renewed with riders traveling across over Australia especially for this event. It’s usually the one time these retro enthusiasts get together each year.

Saturday morning commences with the Piccolo Fondo.   

Classified a ‘warm-up’ before the Sunday Grand Fondo, a short ride of 33 kilometres starting at ‘unreasonable o’clock‘  to kick-start the cycling weekend!

 Lots of ‘wheeling and dealing’ takes place!

Following the ride is the ‘show & shine’ swap meet on the deck of the Noosa Marina featuring 60 or more immaculately or well restored classic bikes.

This is an event for serious ‘bike envy’ with grown men and women salivating over these shiney polished up cycling treasures lining the marina decks.

Sunday morning starts early with riders heading off in the Grand Fondo.  

A 137 kilometre ride through picturesque country roads with stunning views of the beautiful Noosa hinterland. Predominantly a social event, the route passes through designated checkpoints with plenty of opportunities to stop for coffee, snacks and drinks at hotels, cafes along the way.

It’s the social event of the season for ‘retro’ bike lovers and a fun weekend for all.  For more information – Check out the Noosa Strade Bianche website.

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