Experience Singapore – like a tourist

When visiting Singapore you need to experience Singapore like a tourist!   Enjoy the great food, shop until you drop, go sightseeing but make sure you enjoy every experience.

This is one city that has `something for everyone!

Getting around is simple!  Singapore’s MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) trains or buses are easy to navigate, taxi’s are inexpensive and walking is always a great option (you never know what you’ll discover).

The days of Singapore’s notorious ‘shady past’ are long gone.  Today Singapore is one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world.

A vibrant modern city, Singapore attracts millions of international tourists every year.  Whether you are staying for a weekend or a week, be sure to see the sights, explore the city and taste the delicious flavours.

Singapore’s favourite activity – eating!

The number one activity in Singapore is eating!  Singapore has taken street food to the next level and is renowned as one of the most exciting cities for food lovers.

Amazing food optionsA Singaporean friend once told me that Monday is ‘wok cleaning day’, so Singaporeans eat out on Monday nights!  

My experience is that ‘every night’ is just as good!

Great restaurants are everywhere.  Chinese, Malay, Indian and Peranakan cuisine – you will find something to suit your taste wherever you go!

A true Singaporean culinary experience must include at least one of the Hawker Centres. These popup style restaurant clusters showcase the delicious flavours of multi-ethnic Singapore!

Iconic dishes like Singapore Chilli Crab (to die for), Chicken Rice, Laksa (one of my favourites) and delicious traditional Singapore noodles are some of the ‘must try’ dishes.

Changi Museum

Hundreds of people attended the service at the War Memorial.  Singaporeans, Australians and other expats, war veterans and other visitors gather to pay their respects and share prayers.

World War II affected millions of people around the world and the museum at Changi serves as a grim reminder of the atrocities that occurred during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore.

Visiting Changi War Museum on Anzac Day (April 25th) was an emotional experience for us both.

The Museum is extraordinary tribute to the resilience of the prisoners-of-war and civilians who were interned.

Singapore Zoo

This zoo is one of the best zoos ever!

Singapore zoo is a modern zoo featuring naturalistic habitats separating the animals with the use of moats, rocky outcrops and thick bushy hedges – allowing the the animals to roam free in their natural habitats.

Enjoy breakfast with the Orangutan’s, visit the polar bears in the Frozen Tundra, see the Pandas or step into the Primate Kingdom for a ‘up close and personal’ visit into the habitats.

The Night Safari is a unique tour bringing out the nocturnal animals and not to be missed.

I have since wondered if the animals are really roaming in the wild and we humans were the ones locked away!

do the zoo – even if you don’t have kids with you !

Walking Tours of the Chinatown Brothels

This tour was great fun with the guide, a Singaporean national, walking us on a tour through the red light district of ‘old’ Singapore sharing the hidden secrets of Chinatown and it’s seedy history.

We were guided down the cobblestoned side-streets where 19th century brothels and opium dens were once tucked away.  Once a getto teaming with drugs, alcohol, girls and drunken sailors this part of Chinatown is almost invisible today.

We were taken into an apothecary who had bottles of ‘monkey ears’ and other strange concoctions, still in demand by the traditional healers of today.

One of the most interesting tours I’ve ever done!

Dress appropriately to visit Raffles

One can’t visit Singapore and not go to Raffles for ‘high tea’!

Dressed in full tourist rig complete with sunhats and cameras, Trevor and I wandered into the lobby of this magnificent historical ‘plantation style’ hotel.

A smartly dressed doormen approached us quietly informing Trevor in a monotone statement, raising his eyebrow ever so slightly; “Sir must be dressed in long trousers to enter the lobby at Raffles”.

We headed back outside, stifling our laughter.   We got the message, loud and clear!  Sir, wasn’t getting ‘high tea’ today!

We did discover the garden lounge though, ‘Sir’ could have a Singapore Sling in the open air garden!  Compromise is good!