Alice Springs rocks – 10 reasons to visit Alice Springs


There’s so many great things to see and do in Alice Springs that when someone asked me what I liked about Alice, it was easy to shortlist a few of my favourites.

Alice Springs rocks!   I was lucky enough to live in Alice Springs for a number of years but certainly didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did.  I know people who have come to Alice for work and end up staying for years beyond their intention.  There’s much to see and do in Alice Springs and I’m sure I will add to this list over time.

The people in Alice Springs are friendly, welcoming and inclusive.  There are great opportunities for work for those who want to work and the lifestyle is great!

Unique things about Alice Springs

  1. Rich red desert colours – the mountains, the rocks, the gorges and chasms and the red dust!  The colours are predominantly rich and red.  Seeing the fine sand of the desert for the first time really does take your breath away.  Rocky outcropsOutcrops of rocks are uniquely beautiful in this part of the world and during my time in Alice I photographed them all!
  2. Stunning sunsets – every night is a new colour and the colours range from deep purple tones through to bright golden yellows.  The sun setting over Mount Gillen is magnifilled with a range of colours.  Sunsets never get old in this part of the world!
  3. Clear blue skies – Alice Springs has some of the clearest blue skies I’ve ever seen.  Winter days are usually beautiful crisp days with vivid blue skies.
  4. Alice does ‘events’ well – Alice Springs locals are great at having fun and they really know how to pull events together especially when raising funds for a good cause.  Events such as the Masters Games, Henley on Todd, Camel Cup, the Finke Desert Race where all born in Alice and have evolved into annual events of notable popularity.
  5. The Alice Springs community – One of the things I love about Alice Springs is that the community will get behind every worthwhile cause.  The’re great supporters of local charities such as the ‘Butterfly Foundation’ and the Lions and Rotary service clubs further demonstrating the generosity of the locals for a good cause.
  6. The Todd River in flood – common rumour proclaims “if you see the Todd flow 3 times, you will stay forever”. The Todd River is dry for most of the year. The origins of the Todd begin in the MacDonnell Ranges, where it flows past the Telegraph Station towards the centre of Alice Springs township passing through the Simpson Desert and eventually flow into Lake Eyre in South Australia.  It is an extraordinary experience to watch the Todd ‘come down’ and when the word goes out, the locals head to the river’s edge to watch the event.
  7. The Telegraph Station – a beautiful park to chill out in. Historically the Telegraph Station was an important part of the settlement of Alice Springs and has been developed into a museum for visitors to gain knowledge of ‘how things were’.  There are some great walking tracks from the town and surrounds and a must see for anyone visiting.
  8. The Art scene – so many talented artists gravitate to Alice Springs.  Artists such as Albert Namatjira and Rex Batterby gained fame and recognition with their Central Australian landscapes. A magnificent gallery at Araluen displays these rare watercolours as part of their extensive collection. Each year the Central Australian Art Society presents the Advocate Art Awards, which attracts entries from talented artists for this prestigious award.
  9. Royal Flying Doctors Museum – an important service to the outback ‘the Flying Doctors’ have saved the lives of thousands of people in remote areas.  A museum showcasing the history of the Flying Doctors and the important work they do across Australia has been built in Alice Springs and is absolutely worth a visit.
  10. The Alice Springs Desert Park – tucked under the escarpment of Mt Gillen, the Alice Springs Desert Park is on the outskirts of Alice Springs and a great place to see the desert as it should be seen.  ‘Birds of Prey’ shows featuring Kites and Eagles operate throughout the day along with cultural talks about the local indigenous desert peoples. 

    See the native wildlife such as kangaroos, quolls, possums,

    emus, perentes and other reptiles as well as the ‘Thorny Devil’ which is unique to the central desert region.  The Park has an extensive display of wildflowers growing throughout the park including the fabulous Sturts’ Desert Pea.

Alice Springs is an extraordinary place to visit and certainly one of the most enjoyable places I’ve ever lived.  I visit as often as I can and am still drawn by the intense colours of the desert.  I recommend you put Alice Springs on your ‘must visit’ list!

Perhaps you’ve already been to Alice Springs?  Drop me a note below, I’d love to hear about your experiences.


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