1. Yes we had a great time and will return, but in less severe weather conditions, like maybe summertime.
    Cheers, Trev.

  2. Hi from down South! Heading up to Kakadu was our first interstate holiday with our kids when they were little. Growing up I had cousins that lived in Jabiru so I was fascinated with the NT from a young age & knew I wanted to go there. Tiwi Islands is now on my bucket list. Have you been there? Have also been to San Francisco and loved it – keen to go back one day.

  3. Hi Sarina, I just love Kakadu! Actually we nearly went to Tiwi last weekend but there was a huge footy match on so opted out! We’ll probably wait for the dry season now as the seas are calmer. Glad you’ve been enjoying my posts 🙂

  4. Nice list! I’ve had the Pepperjack here in NZ, and of course a Blue Pyrenees over there in Aus, both excellent wines. I’ll keep a look out here for some of the others.

  5. An impressive wrap up! When I visited Darwin I tackled the “cage of death”. An unforgettable experience to say the least. Can’t wait to go back to experience more off the beaten track through Litchfield and Kakadu 👌🏼